Pack and Track Systems

Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 is the new buzz-word in manufacturing and it improves line efficiency by providing real time detailed data on line faults & performance in packaging lines to engineers. For example, the system will tell engineers the moment a fault happens via email about the nature of the fault, the precise faulty components complete with part numbers. It will also send alerts of any components that are about to fail, or when a component is due for a change or service – predictive maintenance. You can reduce line energy consumption by monitoring spikes in air and electricity consumption, narrowing down the cause for this.

For more general info on Industry 4.0 see: Wikipedia

In 2017 PSS designed & supplied the first Industry 4.0 packaging line in Malaysia.

Some information on PSS experience in Industry 4.0:

Pack and Track System:

Our Pack and Track System provides the traceability of every packed product. Depending on the requirements, it can be customised to track products starting from primary packing to the warehouse, distribution network and up to the end user.

Features Include:

  • Centralised data collection from multiple production lines.
  • Capturing Production data and Printing of Barcode labels in real time.
  • Real time data Monitoring System.
  • MS SQL or MY SQL storage for production data
  • Barcoding

Barcode Printing

Each Product is labelled with a unique barcode. Using this unique barcode ID, and the timestamp at each tracking station Spacing (barcode scanner), each and every product will be seamlessly tracked and associated with its inspection data.